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JD Marks Property Management has the resources you need to make owning rental property easy.  So we can “Make You Money!”

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We are a full service Real Estate company that can help you sell your property or help you purchase your next home.  Whatever your budget, we can find it.

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J. D. Marks, Inc., Realtors was incorporated under the laws of the State of Tennessee in May of 1945
and was granted a license to sell and manage real estate by the State of Tennessee in that same year.

J. D. Marks, Inc., Realtors has been engaged in the continuous business of managing, brokering and
selling real estate in excess of 70 years.

Our Property Management Organization is presently managing over 1700 rental units that include
commercial buildings, apartment complexes, duplexes and single family homes.

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We found JD Marks in early 2012 after an extremely bad experience with our previous property manager. Our portfolio at the time consisted of 6 properties for a total of 171 units and the entire thing was a mess. Marshall, Danny, Jill and Irma have been our knights in shining armor ever since we began working together. They watch our pennies closer than we do and their ethics and integrity are beyond compare. I could write a novel about all of the challenges they helped us navigate safely through from fires to the city demolishing a building to problem tenants. I trust them completely and am glad to endorse them to anyone looking for property management in the Memphis area.

KimBerly Keyton

JD Marks had been managing my 20 unit property in Raleigh since I purchased about 8 years ago. Marshall, Jill, and their staff have been great. They have done a great job on the month to month management, as well as taking care of other issues ranging from property damage to fires to two water leaks.

Steven Daneman

We have been working with J.D. Marks for over 40 years. They have bought and sold numerous properties for us in the Memphis area and have always come through with fantastic results. They are professional, friendly, and treat their clients like family!

Jim Thal

I own a duplex in Memphis that JD Marks has managed from the beginning. I’ve been fortunate to have had only one month of vacancy in the 5 years I’ve owned it. Jill is excellent at following up on questions I’ve posed to her and Daniel was great at the time of my one vacancy quickly having an upgraded floor installed so a new tenant could move in immediately.

Ray Paley

Jill, I really appreciate your help in selling my properties in Memphis. Thank you for overseeing the management of my properties for all these years. Your expert management brought me top dollar on their sale. I will miss your kindness and your good humor.

Marvin Goldfarb

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